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You will need a domain to create your website or online store; we manage the purchase and environment, so you never lose it. The field will always be yours. Remember that GOOGLE takes projects with two years of duration.



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A domain name is a personalized and unique address for your website. It is composed of two parts: the name and the extension. For example, Jcarlomarper is the name and .com is the extension.

  • .com – The one we all know best. It’s no wonder that almost 50% of websites use the .com domain extension. It may have once designated a commercial site, but today we can consider it the default domain extension.
  • net – Like .com, .net is one of the earliest domain extensions. It was created to be used by organizations related to network technologies. Today, .net is often used as an alternative to .com. Companies that cannot get their preferred .com domain choose .net.
  • org – .org was created for use by non-profit organizations and remains the preferred domain extension for these organizations. The .org extension is open for anyone to use. However, if you choose a .org domain, most people will not expect your site to be commercial.
  • es – This is a geographic top-level domain that corresponds to the geographic space of Spain. Therefore, it is only advisable to use it if you are targeting an audience residing in this country.

Of course the domain will be your property at all times, in fact I will ask you for all your data to register it in your name. I will simply be the administrative contact, to be able to notify you of possible notifications and renewals.

Thanks to DNS, Internet users can enter a domain, i.e. an easy-to-remember name, in the browser’s address bar. Each Internet domain has at least one IP address, which computers need in order to communicate on the network.

Yes, you can buy the domain at the registrar of your choice, but in that case you will have to assign the DNS yourself to make the web.

I always recommend that in case of being free we always choose to buy both extensions so you will have the .es for the national market and the . com for the international market.

In case you want to create a single website, having both domains in property will make it very difficult for the competition to create a website with your name.

Unfortunately yes, if you choose to create your web at, but you have not bought, anyone can build a web at

In case you do not want to buy both domains, you always have the option of registering your trademark at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office,  ( in case you are working from Spain Oficina Española de Marcas y Patentes,) a body under the Ministry of Industry, with that you ensure that no one will copy your name.

If you are interested in register the domain in other country you should  visit the equivalent institution.

As we have already indicated, unfortunately yes. Having a domain only serves to build a website. If you want to legally protect your trademark or patent, you must register your trademark, product or patent at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, (Oficina Española de Marcas y Patentes) so no one can plagiarize you.


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